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When opting for orthodontic treatment, there are multiple options to contemplate, and in addition to cost and capabilities, patients may consider the length of treatment as a major determinant of which method they select. Traditional metal braces have always been the go-to faster treatment times, but with recent improvements made to the Invisalign product line, patients seeking faster treatment length should also meet with their dental health professional to determine whether Invisalign braces can achieve the same effective results.

What’s Changed with Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign clear aligner therapy has been around since 1999 and, over the years, improvements have been made to the technology and product. In addition to increasing the kinds of malocclusions that could be treated, the length of time to treatment completion has recently been dramatically decreased. What’s more, in clinical studies, faster treatment times have shown to achieve the same results as longer therapies using Invisalign trays or similar clear aligners.

Do You Qualify?

While many patients are elated to hear that they can now cut treatment time in half – wearing their aligners for just one week at a time rather than two – it’s important to know whether this method is a good fit for you. If your orthodontic needs are more complex or more extreme tooth movement is needed, you may not be an eligible candidate for one-week aligner wear.

In more complex cases, your dental professional will monitor the movement of your teeth closely, to ensure they’re moving as expected. Ultimately, the length of your aligner wear will be determined by your dental health professional.

Whether you’re a viable candidate for one-week wear or you require longer wear, the good news is the treatment process remains the same. There are no added requirements for treatment planning or no new products required to benefit from short treatment times.

Ask us about Your Invisalign Treatment!

If you’re interested in learning more about Invisalign braces or want to know whether you’re a candidate for shorter orthodontic treatment times, contact Dr. Avi Gibberman today. The team at Avi B. Gibberman, DDS is eager to help you obtain the smile you’ve always wanted.


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How much will an implant cost? What are the least expensive treatment options? Will my insurance cover all or part of the procedure?

These are some of the common concerns patients have when discussing their options for resolving total tooth loss or stabilizing uncomfortable dentures.

When pricing treatment options to replace missing teeth, it’s important to consider your long term goals, such as: how long do you need the solution to last?; how much time are you willing to spend maintaining the restoration?; are you willing to spend less money upfront, knowing your decision will cost more over time?

Weighing Options for Teeth Replacement

While many treatments can help patients that are suffering from the loss of one or more teeth, a few benefits and drawbacks of each are outlined below.

Removable prosthesis – Full and partial dentures fit into this category and are often the least expensive treatment options. Patients may experience lack of reliability and stability, as well as the need to have the device adjusted periodically.

The most impactful benefit associated with removable prosthesis is that surgical procedures are not required for the replacement of teeth.

Bonded appliances – These include permanent dental bridges. While these are a slightly more expensive restorative option, they can be, in part, covered by a patient’s insurance. Bridges provide beauty and strength, but they do have an effect on neighboring teeth. When placing a bridge, Dr. Gibberman needs to add crowns on teeth neighboring the gap in your smile. Permanent bridges may require replacement over time, adding to the cost of treatment overall.

Permanent teeth with dental implants – While an investment is necessary up-front for this procedure, dental implants offer benefits other restorations cannot. Unlike the prosthetics mentions earlier, a dental implant can last a patient their entire lifetime, eliminating the need for future treatment, replacement, and adjustment.

Long-term, dental implants are the most cost-effective option, with a total lifetime cost that is much less than other options.

Choosing a restoration can be difficult, as there is plenty to consider. As health insurance goes, some treatment options are covered by most dental plans, some are partially covered, and some are considered cosmetic. In making this decision, we’re here to help you understand what’s available to you and how various treatment options will meet your unique circumstances.

Contact Dr. Gibberman today to learn more about how dental implants are cost-smart decisions for your long-term dental health.

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You may have picked up store-bought, boil-and-bite mouthguards for your kids without giving it a second thought. But are you doing enough to protect your child’s teeth as they play the sports they love? Sure, these mouthguards offer some protection for your little athlete’s smile, but there is a better alternative: professional-grade sports mouthguards.

Why Choose a Professional-Grade Sports Mouthguard?

Plain and simple, professional-grade sports mouthguards offer the best in protection, comfort, fit, and durability. And while they cost more upfront, in the long run they are an investment worth making. Here are the top reasons for choosing a professional-grade sports mouthguard.


Professional-grade sports mouthguards offer superior protection and actually reduce tooth breakage. They accomplish this by distributing the force of impact evenly over a larger surface—the entire tooth or multiple teeth—making teeth much less likely to be damaged.

These mouthguards are also extremely difficult to knock out during impact. This is because they are custom-fitted to the teeth and fit securely in place.

Comfort and Fit

Unlike their store-bought counterparts, professional-grade sports mouthguards do not interfere with breathing or speech during use, which allows for optimal performance and maximum endurance during game play. It goes without saying that unencumbered speech allows for clearer communication during play, as well.

Additionally, professional-grade sports mouthguards are ultra-thin and custom fitted to your child’s teeth. As a result, they are extremely comfortable, nearly impossible to knock-out, and ideal for wearing for extended periods of time. While your child may have complained about wearing their bulky boil-and-bite mouthguard, you might find they actually like wearing a professional-grade sports mouthguard.


Professional-grade sports mouthguards are custom fitted using state of the art, durable materials. They do not easily bend or break, and they retain their shape for the long haul—long after boil-and-bite mouthguards must be replaced.

Learn More Today!

If you want to provide your child with the best protection while they play the sports they love, consider a professional-grade sports mouthguard. While their cost might be more initially, they’re a great way to ensure your kid’s smile stays beautiful despite what happens on the field.

To learn more about the professional-grade sports mouthguards we offer, contact Dr. Avi Gibberman today. We’d love to discuss your options and answer any questions!

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Acquiring a beautiful smile has never been easier! Among the most popular cosmetic dental therapies in the country, teeth whitening treatments safely remove unsightly discoloration and stains from the surface of the teeth, creating an instantly brighter and more attractive smile.

But not all teeth whitening treatments are created equal, and it takes a dedicated and experienced cosmetic dentist to guide patients through the assortment of choices. Dr. Avi Gibberman of Glen Allen, Virginia, offers his patients options designed to benefit their lifestyle and their dental health. Here are our top five reasons why you should choose Dr. Gibberman for all your teeth whitening needs:

1. Using a heat lamp or laser is often used in conjunction with teeth whitening products as many manufacturers claim it “activates” and “enhances” the whitening process. However, studies have shown that light does not significantly enhance the whitening effect. In fact, the heat from the light can heat the teeth, increasing the likelihood of post-operative temperature sensitivity, pain, and potential nerve damage.  In a 2008 study by Munther A.M. Sulieman, it was discovered that the practice was a gamble, given that “an increase on the order of 10 degrees F within a tooth’s nerve space is thought to be able to cause irreversible nerve damage.” (

2. Dr. Gibberman’s approach is entirely patient focused – not only does Dr. Gibberman talk to his patients about the procedure and its potential outcome, but he also selects certain whitening procedures that ensure the patient’s comfort. Our doctor offers Opalescence whitening systems because the gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, which can benefit the teeth by both decreasing sensitivity and hardening enamel! While some temporary sensitivity is still possible, the potassium nitrate can decreases the level of sensitivity for many days.

3. Convenience and affordability in one location! Dr. Gibberman provides patients with a single 30 minute “boost” in-office treatment, and sends patients home with take home custom trays for ideal outcomes. This combination treatment means patients are able to quickly whiten their teeth without any disruption to their daily routine. And all for one affordable price!

4. Dr. Gibberman provides patients with different take home bleaching concentrations depending on their potential for sensitivity.

5. Patients are fully informed on how to care for their newly whitened teeth and what to expect from this noninvasive procedure. Patients are also welcome to take advantage of dental financing through CareCredit – a credit card that allows patients to get the cosmetic dental treatment they want by making manageable monthly payments. CareCredit makes it even easier for you to get the smile you’ve always dreamed about having!

For more information on your teeth whitening options or other cosmetic dentistry questions, contact Dr. Gibberman’s welcoming team today! Call 804-264-7008 or schedule an appointment online via the website at

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Losing teeth, be it from natural or traumatic causes, opens the door to a variety of questions and concerns. Prior to the invention of dental implants; dentures and bridges provided the only solution. Thanks to modern innovations in dentistry, patients now have a better option when missing teeth. In particular, dental implants provide a healthy, natural looking solution. Here are a few considerations from Dr. Avi Gibberman about the benefits offered by dental implants:

1 Preserves Natural Jawbone:

When tooth loss occurs, the missing tooth root from the jawbone can often lead to gradual bone loss. Traditional replacements options, such as dentures or bridges, do not address the bone loss problem and bone loss will continue to worsen overtime.  Dental implants on the other hand, face no such limitations.  They replace the root by using an artificial titanium post that anchors into the jaw, thus stimulating bone growth and preventing deterioration of the jawbone.

2 Prevents Shifting of Teeth:

Tooth loss can affect the alignment of your other teeth. With an empty gap, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift position and move into the vacant space(s). Complications can result such as bite misalignment, yielding even more problems in the future if the missing tooth is not replaced. Dental implants provide a fixed solution for the missing tooth thereby preserving tooth alignment and your bite.

3 Stabilize Bite:

By providing a replacement tooth root, dental implants offer a greater degree of stability for biting and chewing. Unlike dentures, there is no risk of slipping or moving around mid-chew, and there is no need for adhesives. Full or partial dentures also block the roof of your mouth, preventing you from tasting your food and speaking clearly.   Dental implants have no such issues or limitations.

4 Restores Appearance:

Since dental implants fill in the spaces created by missing teeth, they can prevent the sunken look around the mouth, lips and cheeks. In fact, they are completely natural-looking and feeling, allowing the patient to regain their sense of self-confidence. This can have a tremendous positive effect on overall self-esteem.

There are many more reasons as to the benefits provided by dental implants.  It is clear that dental implants are the healthiest and most ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. If you are interested in seeing if dental implants are right for you, Dr. Avi Gibberman can help answer all of your dental implant questions.  He looks forward to helping restore your natural, beautiful, healthy smile.

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